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Voice/VoIP Products

The development of Voice-over-IP technology has revolutionized the way telecom does business. By enabling the transportation of voice traffic over data networks, VoIP drives the process of convergence between the public switched telephone networks (PSTN), the Internet and other private IP networks. Such convergence opens up opportunities for providers to offer new services and for users to enjoy significant cost savings.

With deployments in over 60 countries all over the world, SysMaster is leading the VoIP revolution and providing both traditional and emerging service providers with all key elements of modern VoIP networks, including billing servers, gatekeepers, gateways, softswitches, and applications servers. SysMaster's VoIP product line includes VoiceMaster® VoIP Billing Platform, SM7000 VoIP Gateway, uniSwitch Softswitch, nSwitch Class 5 Server, PBX Lite, VoIP Softphone, Tornado M30 GSM/WiFi Phone, Tornado System, and Norfa System.