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Occupational Safety and Health
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EMF Reports and Assessmenty13
EMF Reports and Assessmenty14

Safety in electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (relating to environmental electromagnetic compatibility) 

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Reports and Certification

Documentation of assessments and implementation actions

The compliance process is not complete until all assessments and implementation actions have been documented and recorded. EMFSB offers a semi-automated report generation and certification service.

Various customized reports can be generated containing all base station information, antenna information, 3D models, images as well as RF measurement data associated with GPS positions, pictures and maps. After the full assessment process and implementation of compliance measures, the BTS site can be certified and a customized certificate is issued. All reports and site certificates are in pdf format and are easily accessible through a web-based EMF database.

Documentation Reports:

  • Measurement report
  • Site compliance certificate
  • Site management report