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Network Benchmarking

The benchmark would help determine the quality of broadband service being delivered by service providers to their subscribers. To conduct benchmark test for the voice calls as well as short messaging system (SMS) or text messages and Broadband offered by ISP in Malaysia.

EMF`s has been conducting Quality of Service Bench-marking tests for voice calls and SMS to ensure that telecom companies provide better service to their subscribers.

Parameters include the blocked calls or grade of service, dropped calls, average signal level, call set up time and Internet access, throughput's.

EMF`S offers to national regulators, operators, municipalities and all other stakeholders which control the human exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) the complete portfolio of EMF studies, based on EMF predictions, measurements and monitoring. These are based on the standards of the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (short ICNIRP), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the EU Commission.

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Project Management and Consulting Services

Successful management of a project would lead to resource optimization and better execution. As one definition goes, project management deals with systematic planning and organizing to accomplish a specific, usually, a one-time effort. Specifically, project management seeks to:

    • Define project scope: goals and objectives
    • Identify and specify tasks/sub-tasks
    • Estimate resource requirements
    • Identify and allocate resources
    • Prepare and execute a project plan
    • Manage critical paths on the project plan
    • Ensure project completion on time and under budget

Project management of a typical telecommunications system or a network would involve managing numerous tasks successfully. 

Wireless Network Solutions (IN Level)

Wireless Network Solutions

CellNode M100 is a unique WiFi device which enables providers to securely deploy wireless mesh networks. Every CellNode features two radio transceivers that support the 802.11a/b/g/n standards. The first radio usually serves local wireless subscribers (downlink) at 2.4Ghz, while the second radio is used to connect to the infrastructure backbone (uplink) at 5Ghz. CellNode M100 features protected WDS/STP infrastructure data routing transport that allows transparent traffic failover and logically isolates all client networks for improved throughput, advanced roaming, and network security. The device can be provisioned and managed centrally. It includes security software such as Firewall, QoS, and Radius software services for access and traffic management purposes.

Drive test

MEMO Test Drive for Broadband

The Drive Test is a test performed in cellular networks regardless of technology (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, etc. ...). Means collecting data on vehicle movement. Its variation has also intutive: Walk Test, ie, collect data by walking areas of interest.

The analysis of drive test are fundamental for the work of any professional in the field of IT and Telecom comprising two phases: data collection and data analysis.

Although through the analysis of KPI's we can identify problems such as dropped calls, among others, the drive tests allow a deeper analysis in field. Identifying areas of each sector of coverage, interference, evaluation of network changes and various other parameters.